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Meet Black People With Herpes

Welcome to, the largest Black herpes dating site for black people with herpes. 

CDC states that genital herpes (HSV-2) continues to be the highest among black women, nearly 50% African American women infected genital herpes. It's shocking, but you may also know that you are not alone. 

Dating with herpes is a big challenge because the stigma still exists, although herpes is common in black men and women. The stigma surrounding herpes, which can lead to feelings of shame, embarrassment, and fear of rejection. Many black people with herpes may feel anxious about disclosing their herpes status to potential partners... That's why we have created a space where black people with herpes can feel comfortable and supported while seeking love and support.

 If you are looking to connect with other blacks with herpes who understand what it's like to date someone with herpes, then you have come to the right place. provides a safe and supportive community to meet and connect with black herpes women and men. 

 Join our black herpes dating site today and take the first step towards finding the connection you deserve. Our black herpes dating site is completely free to join. So why wait? Sign up now and start meeting other black people with herpes who are ready to embrace love and companionship.

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Why choose for black people with herpes?

Supportive Community: provide a community of black person with HSV-1 and HSV-2 who understand and can relate to your experience.

Understanding Partners: You can connect with black people who have the same condition and won't judge you for having herpes.

Safe Environment: provide a safe and non-judgmental space for black people with herpes to connect and build relationships.

Education and Resources: Herpes dating sites offer educational resources and information about managing the condition. You can check information about: herpes on black skin; herpes on black virginia, herpes breakout on black skin; herpes rash on black skin, herpes on black people, herpes on black skin pictures, herpes on lips black person; black seed oil herpes, herpes on black female pictures...
Privacy: You can maintain your privacy and disclose your condition only to those you choose to connect with. 100% Anonymous!

Relationship Building: focus on building meaningful and lasting relationships, rather than casual hookups.

Emotional Support: You can find emotional support and understanding from others who are going through similar experiences.

Reduced Stigma: By connecting with others genital herpes black woman and genital herpes black man who have herpes, you can reduce the stigma associated with the condition.

Access to Professionals: We provide access to medical professionals and counselors who can offer guidance and support.

Opportunity for Love: You have the chance to find love and companionship with someone who accepts you for who you are, including your herpes status.

Connection with Like-Minded Individuals: You can connect with people who share your cultural background and understand the unique challenges faced by black people with herpes.

Empowerment: By joining black herpes dating, you can empower yourself and take control of your dating life.

Positive Relationships: These sites focus on fostering positive and healthy relationships, which can be beneficial for your overall well-being.

Open Communication: You can openly discuss your condition and concerns with potential partners without fear of rejection.

Friendship Opportunities: In addition to romantic connections, you can also find friends and support networks within the herpes dating community.

Confidence Boost: Connecting with others who have herpes can boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Shared Experiences: You can share your experiences and learn from others who have successfully navigated dating with herpes.

Access to Events and Meetups: Many herpes dating sites organize events and meetups where you can meet others in person and form connections.

Online Support Groups: offer online support groups where you can share and receive advice from others in similar situations.

Hope for the Future: By joining, you can find hope for a fulfilling and loving relationship, despite your herpes status.