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How to keep healthy sex partners from getting the virus?

  • I'm a male, and was diagnosed earlier this year, after a one night stand I will never stop regretting. Now I'm worried about not passing this virus on to any healthy women, but I am single and have a few lady friends who I know would not hesitate in saying yes, should I propose having sex. Problem is, none of them know about my Herpes and they all are healthy women. So, even if I told a woman about my condition, and she still was willing to have sex with me. What steps can be taken? I mean, besides the obvious use of condoms, and even though I haven't had any outbrakes in about 7 months, and eat healthy to maintain my immune system strong, what precautions should be taken to avoid passing the virus on to a healthy woman, crazy enough to still want sex with me even after I told them about my situation. How to have sex with her and NOT passing on the virus? Sorry if my question seems dumb, I just hope there is some way to keep healthy sex partners from getting the virus.

    Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Oct 01, 2019

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