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How to keep healthy sex partners from getting the virus?

  • I'm a male, and was diagnosed earlier this year, after a one night stand I will never stop regretting. Now I'm worried about not passing this virus on to any healthy women, but I am single and have a few lady friends who I know would not hesitate in saying yes, should I propose having sex. Problem is, none of them know about my Herpes and they all are healthy women. So, even if I told a woman about my condition, and she still was willing to have sex with me. What steps can be taken? I mean, besides the obvious use of condoms, and even though I haven't had any outbrakes in about 7 months, and eat healthy to maintain my immune system strong, what precautions should be taken to avoid passing the virus on to a healthy woman, crazy enough to still want sex with me even after I told them about my situation. How to have sex with her and NOT passing on the virus? Sorry if my question seems dumb, I just hope there is some way to keep healthy sex partners from getting the virus.

    Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Oct 01, 2019
  • Posted on Jan 07, 2020


    You are very lucky to have women that still want to have sex with you... I would suggest that you make sure that the women that agrees to have sex with that you are ready for a loooooong term commitment... marriage! Never stop being honest about your condition....Good luck in your active sex life...….God bless.

  • Posted on Dec 14, 2019


    Always inform your sexual partners. The only thing that can be done is limit the risks, there is no full proof way to prevent transmission other than not having sex. Even with a condom and medication the risk, although significantly lower will always be there. If your partners choose to still engage in sex or a relationship only thing you can do is keep them informed. They made their choice. Also just because you dont have an outbreak does not mean that you will not transmit the virus at that time. You are most contagious while you have an outbreak AND while the virus is shedding. Viral shedding is not something that can be detected. The virus dwells within the nervous system indefinitely

  • Posted on Nov 23, 2019

    cla***** Photo Verified

    yes you women can have oral sex i have hsv 2 oral and i use plastic wrap been doing it for years and i never passed it that way and they tell me its like bare back only with out all the wetness and to the male wear your boxers and a condom stick you dick threw the fly so theres no skin to skin contact hope this helps

  • Posted on Oct 06, 2019


    well I say using flavored condoms for oral and condoms for regular sex. thankfully your a guy.... us woman with the virus don't get to enjoy oral anymore :(

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